July 04, 2011

Aira's 1st Camera

We got a new camera. Well, not exactly we, it belong to Aira. She got it from my dad. My dad was pretty amazed when I told him Aira got a trophy for winning a writing competition at her school. He then asked me if she like taking pictures, so she can write stories & combine them with the pictures she took. I kinda think he wants someone in the family to learn photography (at some level) just like him. So I said yes. Aira did took some pictures with a toy camera the last time we were exploring Jakarta, and she enjoyed it very much.

As it turned out, he got her a digital pocket camera. It was Aira's 1st camera, I remember my dad got me my 1st camera when I was 10 too. Not a fancy one, he said, but it is waterproof so Aira could bring it to the pool or beach. Plus it is shock proof up to 2 meters, which is a good thing with Aidan around. Aira was super psyched that when we went for a swim the next day, she brought the camera along & gave it try. Underwater of course. We took turn taking each other's picture, but I won't show you mine, since I look so silly. I don't know how Aira could manage a smile on her face underwater, but she did, in every picture. :D

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