December 11, 2011

A Day of Great Books

Last Thursday was a day of great books for me, for that day I stumbled across some great children books. I went to Periplus that day, looking for a birthday present for Aidan's friend. They happened to have piles of children books on sale. I never could resist piles of children books, especially when they're on sale. And there they are, 2 books that instantly caught my eyes. One was called My Heart Is Like a Zoo by Michael Hall (for only Rp. 35.000,-) and the other called It's a Book by Lane Smith (for only Rp. 45.000,-).

I really like My Heart Is Like a Zoo for it's bright colors, simple illustration, & simple words. The book tells us about what our heart feels, illustrated by various animal at the zoo. Kids sure could learn a lot of new vocabularies while reading it.

The other one, It's a Book, instantly became Aidan's favorite. It's about a conversation between a Jackass (whose holding a laptop) and a monkey (whose holding a book). The Jackass didn't know what a book was, because he was so used to doing things with his laptop, including reading e-books. Aidan would laugh uncontrollably every time I read this book to him. This book really captured what I feels about little kids whose being introduced to e-books without knowing what a real books looks like.

After I bought those to books, and another one for Aidan's friend, I went to a book launching event. But first thing first, I had to tell you about Tulisan. I stumbled about this brand Tulisan more than a year ago, at Brightspot market. They design & sell various items, like bags, pouches, wallets, cushion cover, tea towel, to cards & tunics. I fell in love with they graphic prints at first sight. The designer name is Melissa Sunjaya, and her works just simply marvelous (there are also other designer in Tulisan later on). What makes me love her works even more that there's always a story behind each series she created. You could read them at their site

When I found out that they're going to launch a book in celebration of their 2nd anniversary, I just had to come and get myself a copy. So I went to their oh-so-lovely store, bought myself a copy (collector's edition, one of the premiere edition of 500 copies) of The Butterflies of Victor, and get it signed by Virginie Kasse the author, and of course, Melissa Sunjaya the illustrator. They released the book in 3 edition, France, English, & Indonesian. I bought the English one.

I won't tell you what it's about, I won't spoiled it for you. The only thing I'll tell you is that it was beautifully written & illustrated. The writing & the illustration really compliment each other. I love this book, and so did Aira & Aidan. How I wish they would make a book out of Pepe and The Flying Balloon too. :)

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