October 29, 2012

October 27, 2012

One Fine Day

I like today. Today's been nice to me. I woke up with the four of us cuddled in our bed. The bed got smaller or the kids got bigger, I sure prefer the first option. It drizzled a bit outside, but then it stopped. So Hubby went out to play a little hoops with the next door dad, while the kids play ball with their friends. As for I, I decided to prepared some breakfast. Couldn't find much in the fridge, so I had to settled with simple thin pancakes and jam. Hubby brought us another batch of Kou Cuisine jam that would go well with the thin pancakes. I made some pink lemonade too.

After breakfast & bath, Hubby and the kids went to the mall. The kids were asking for some new books. So off they went, leaving me home alone to work. Well not all alone, a I got a bottle of Sarsaparilla drink to keep me company. While the cats off for their stroll at the mall, this one Smurf was left in an empty house, with a whole lot of writings to do. Empty house, cool weather, cloudy sky, work well done. Happy me.

But then two happy kids came home, with new books and full tummies, and they brought me my ultimate comfort food, Wendy's. Thanks to Hubby too, who obviously the reason for those happy faces, and thank you for letting me be home alone, doing my work. Happy happy me. :)

October 21, 2012

Fantastic Mr. Fox

Aidan sure love his fox mask & tail. He didn't care about the bad sewing. He just love them. Aidan wore them all day long, posed for pictures in them & even played basketball wearing them. So meet Silly Mr. Aidan, or as we called him that day, Fantastic Mr. Fox. x)

"I understand what you're saying, and your comments are valuable, but I'm gonna ignore your advice." - Roald Dahl in Fantastic Mr. Fox

October 18, 2012

Enchanted Forest on a Table

Remember when I told you how freaking pretty the decoration on the dessert table at the last Workshop In A Box was? Well, I just had to show you, it was truly enchanting.

Decoration by Tea Rose Wedding Designer.

October 15, 2012

Workshop In A Box : Enchanted Forest

The 4th Workshop In A Box, and the 3rd for me. Once I heard the theme was gonna be enchanted forest, I instantly hooked. I was right, the decoration was one of the best I had ever saw. I mean the 'dessert table', if you can even call it that, was an actual enchanted forest. Just so freaking pretty.

We made a terrarium in a jar with paper rabbit & squirrel. And a teeny weeny paper flower too, which really got on my nerve in the making process. I'm just not good with making little delicate things. But I love the end result. We also made origami mushrooms and used them to make a garland. And the last one that we made was a fox mask & it's tail. It was my very firs time trying to sew with a sewing machine, the first workshop I managed to get away because Aira wanted to try, the second one I got a little help from Anti. This time around I finally tried, and boy, it was a mess. But Aidan really like the mask & the tail, he didn't care about the sewing quality, he wore them all day long. 

October 10, 2012

Cardboard Galore

Beberapa waktu lalu saya mengerjakan project yang memerlukan banyak kardus bekas. Jadi keluarlah setumpuk kardus bekas dari garasi. Selama saya bekerja, sepertinya si kakak gatal ingin ikut berkreasi. Dia pun ikutan sibuk potong-potong kardus bekas. Ternyata yang dibuat adalah headpiece Frankenstein juga tangan monster, yang kemudian dengan senang hati dipakai oleh Aidan.

Sejak itu kami keranjingan kreasi kardus bekas. Atau lebih spesifik keranjingan membuat headpiece dari kardus bekas. Biasanya yang kami bikin hanya untuk di kepala, seperti Frankenstein tadi. Atau sebatas menutupi mata seperti headpiece Ferb (dari Phineas & Ferb) yang kemudian kami buat. Bukan topeng yang menutupi seluruh wajah, karena kalau wajah tertutup semua kurang seru untuk foto-foto. Hehehe..

- Kardus bekas (lebih awet dibanding menggunakan karton)
- Cat akrilik
- Spidol marker
- Kuas & palet
- Cutter (dikerjakan oleh orangtua)
- Gunting (dibantu atau diawasi oleh orangtua)
- Karet elastis

Cara membuat:
- Gambar pola yang kita inginkan di atas kardus bekas, jangan yang terlalu tebal karena susah dipotong. 
- Pastikan ukurannya sesuai dengan kepala anak
- Potong dengan gunting atau cutter
- Warnai dengan cat akrilik dan hias dengan spidol marker
- Buat lubang di sisi kiri dan kanan headpiece, kemudian pasng karet elastis sesuai ukuran kepala anak

Masih banyak ide headpiece yang mau kami buat, karena memang mudah sekali membuatnya. Hanya perlu meluangkan waktu dan sedikit kreatifitas. :)


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