November 27, 2014

Where The Little Uncle Live and Study

We went to England to visit Pak Teddy's little brother who studied there, rite? So, of course we had to visit Leeds University where he studied and the neighborhood where he lived.  After we visited the campus area, we went up and down the hilly rsidential area to Rendy's small apartment. The neighbourhood was not so fancy since the residents are mostly students, but it was quiet, nice, and oh so England. Again, with those red bricks, that it made me wonder if maybe there was a regualation about it. x)

The City of Leeds

We arrived at Manchester on the afternoon. One step outside the airport and were greeted by the cold wind and grey sky. Not long before it rained. The kids was so happy, especially when they finally met their Oom Rendy.

November 24, 2014

Destination UK

Oke, jadi perjalanan ini sebenarnya impulsif tapi enggak. Dengan alasan mau nengokin Rendy, adiknya Teddy yang sedang sekolah di Leeds, kami (kami sekeluarga dan mama-papa mertua) mengunjungi travel fair pada suatu Minggu siang. Kan liat-liat aja, begitu ceritanya. Eh, lalu nemu tiket promo ke Manchester. Eh, harga bersahabat. Eh, cicilan nol persen. Eh, di-booking deh. *lap keringet*

November 05, 2014

Epic Family Vacation

Don't let your dreams be dreams, at least that's what Jack Johnson said. And this year, one of my epic dream came true. Traveling, not just to any country, to the UK with Pak Teddy, Aira, & Aidan. Yep. To the homeland of Enid Blyton, Roald Dahl, Sherlock Holmes, Harry Potter, Liverpool FC, Peter Pan, Terry Pratchett, Blur, you name it!


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