April 09, 2012

Going to Bandung for Gold

Shed Seven were having a concert in Bandung last week.  So obviously we, Syarin & I, go bought our selves 2 tickets to the gig, booked a decent hotel, and went there. Glad to have a hubby like mine, he didn't mind at all watching the kids for the weekend while I went doing things that I like.

It was a great gig. The band played every single songs on my 'Shed Seven favorite' playlist, including Ocean Pie, an old song that made me fell in love with Shed Seven in the first place. We sang our heart out all night long, through out Dolphin, She Left Me On Friday, Long Time Dead, Going For Gold, Speakeasy, and of course, Bully Boy. And then some more. :D

Everything here is above board, everything here is a closed door, there's something I'd like you for. You've got the key to the ocean, you've got the key to the ooooooceeaaan... 

There was a gig, and then there was a trip too. Spent with great friends & great food. So here's what we did, beside enjoying Shed Seven. Proudly using only the GPS on my phone for directions. Yes, not once did we asked hubby for directions of Bandung roads. And we didn't get lost, not once. Considering how bad Syarin & I were with directions, & how bad I was at reading maps, this was an achievement.

Had a great lunch at Dahapati, where the oxtail soup was oh-so-delicious. And then we spent the afternoon at Selasar Sunaryo, with Tania, Hans, & Onta. Nervously watching a caterpillar crawling in front of a lady's face, while running some scenario on why it took Hans so darn long in the toilet, including the possibility of him passed out on the stair on his way to the toilet. Absurd unimportant things.

The next day, we skipped breakfast & had another great lunch at Toko You. I almost always promised myself to try another dish at Toko You, to almost always ended up with the same dish, Nasi daging kepiting cah brokoli saus tiram. And never regret the decision.

Last but not least, we looked for something to be brought home. We decided to drop by Toko Roti Abadi, once again relaying on GPS. Then we went back to Jakarta. A short trip, but it was a great one. Enough to recharge our mood & energy to get through another round of hectic Jakarta days. :)

P.S. Thank you for my trip buddy & pilot. It was a great one. I heart youuu! :D

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