January 07, 2013

Killer Breakfast, Dexter Style.

In my opinion, Dexter opening sequences is one of the best ever, the song included. And I had been obsessed with Dexter's kind of breakfast for a while now. A couple of days ago Pak Teddy and I finally prepared our breakfast Dexter style. Of course there was some alteration, since we don't eat pork and bloody orange, the kind of orange used by Dexter, couldn't be found in Jakarta. I figured that the meat on the scene was either pork chop or ham, so we used thin cut of beef sirloin steak instead. Bloody orange replaced by sunkist orange, and we used the only kind of coffee that available at home, grinded Italian. I used a press pot to make the coffee, of course. The easiest part had to be the egg. Add some sauce, and  there you go, a killer breakfast, Dexter style.


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