January 06, 2014

Singapore with Cousins

FYI, these Singapore posts are about our trip to the country in August 2013. I had been to lazy to share them until now. x)

Most of the time, when it comes to vacation-ing, I prefer to travel with just us. No groups, specially large group. To many heads means more plans, and often means chaos. So, when I did decided to travel with other families, I'll make sure that we have similar traveling rules with our children, and of course, similar interest in what we're going to do, where to go, during our vacation together. For example, when we went to Belitung with the neighbors. A little fight and arguing session between the kids were totally cceptable, but we did settled some basic vacation rules for all the kids to follow, including no iPads outside our hotel's room. All  in all, the vacation went pretty smooth, everyone had lots of fun, and I won't think twice to travel with them again. :)

This time around, I decided to ask Anti, my cousin, with her little family to join us on our vacation to Singapore. She has 2 kids, Azka and Kanya. Azka only a year older than Aidan. I knew Anti's parenting style and I supposed we will get along just fine during our trip. Fortunately I wasn't wrong at all. Obviously, Azka & Aidan were the most thrilled about going to Singapore together. They were both often made havoc, but not something that couldn't be handled. If they got too chaotic, Pak Teddy would hold these two boys and talked to them or simply told them random story so they would calmed down for a while. x)

To accommodate both families 'wish list' of where to go, we made an itinerary and decided to go on separate ways for one day. Since Anti wanted to take her kids to Zoo and S.E.A. and I'd like to take Aira Aidan to SAM at 8Q and they wanted another visit to the Science Centre. So for time like these, when we want to go to different places, we just split and then called each other on where and when to meet.

And for me & Pak Teddy, traveling with 2 kids has become a lot easier. Aira's a big girl now, Aidan need stroller no more. We just stop and rest whenever the kids got tired. No eating drama, they ate a lot and all the time. They would wait (well, not so) patiently while Bunda shopped, and we wait patiently while Aidan contemplating which Star Wars toys to buy, or when Aira tried to decide which books to buy. We stopped  walking and sit for a while whenever the kids got tired, eat whatever we wanted to eat, we even sit at Takashimaya food hall for almost an hour because Aidan fell asleep. When we got back to the hotel at night, I didn't felt as tired as when we first took both of them to Singapore. It was a great trip and we enjoyed it very much.

So, it was a short but really fun vacation. We, parents, had fun, the kids were obviously had a blast. Thanks for the great time together, Erwin, Anti, Azka, and Kanya. You guys had been a great company. Let's do it again! :D

Official soundtrack of this trip provided by Aidan & Azka nonstop singing to
 Britney Spears' Oh La La. 

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anti septina said...

Let's do it again bun...! Selalu ditunggu jalan2 sama keluarga yg satu ini..semuanya menyenangkan..thanks a lot untuk ajakannya kemaren ya.. , aku ,erwin anak2 seneng bgt.... dan sampe sekarang lagu oh lala masih hits di rumah..


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