March 19, 2015

Cinderelly, Cinderelly!

So, Disney has finally done justice to it's own classic fairy tales. After that disastrous Meh-leficent (yes, I havent forgive them for what they did to Aurora dan PRINCE PHILLIP), I honestly don't expect much from Cinderella.

But then I go and watch the movie, and I looooove it from the very first scene. I love that they put extra character in (otherwise boring) Cinderella, made her stronger but still stay true to the story. I love that they took some scenes from the classic animation. I love that the prince not merely charming, but actually has a name, and a strong character that goes with it. I love the sets and the decor, meaning the country house, the palace, the garden, even the step sisters messy bedroom. i love that they being thorough and thoughtful on the details. And I love the costumes. OH THE COSTUMES! Especially Cate Blanchett's costume. I adore every single one of them. Still don't dig the glass slippers, thou, and the ball gown is pretty similar to Belle's gown minus the draperies, but the wedding gown is fabulous, I literally gasped. I just love how the movie is simple and extravagant at the same time.

Yes, yes, I do take my disney classic tales seriously.

Now this is the part where I get on a bit 'conspiracy-theory-mode': I would like to think that they regret they decision on Aurora & Phillip, how they wasted such beautiful chemistry between the two in the classic animation, and try to make amend on this one. Witty conversation and not telling who you really are in the wood? Pretending not being a prince? Seems familiar? The pink gown turning into blue? Seen it before? I knoooow, rite? Rite?

Anyway, Cinderella, my inner disney princess agree with you. :))

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