November 14, 2011

Organizing Art Supply

I love cute & colorful storage stuff that meant to help you organize things in your house. I bought lots of them, you would think I'm a neat person. Wrong. I tend to pile things around the house. In my mind I piled them for later storage, but the truth is, I would let them piled for weeks before I finally did the actual organizing.

I love art supply. I have lots of them. Mine & the kids'. Well, mostly it was mine & Aira's. I bought boxes to keep them too, but somehow they still cluttered around the house. I keep some in my room, some in Aira's room, & some in the living room, so I still need to check around the house if I'm looking for something. So I've been thinking to turn our never-been-properly-use-because-it-was-too-small-for-our-car garage as an art & craft area. Where we can do all our art & craft project, or my (hopefully, soon enough, I'm crossing my fingers) sewing project. And of course, where I can storage our art & craft supply.

It will be a long term project, I know. But me being me, I had started browsing for art supply organizing ideas & I stumbled upon some cool stuff. Check them out! :D

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pic 2 & 5 taken from
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Riska Tania said...

aku lagi nyari ember-ember kaleng kayak begitu, di mana ya dapetinnya? do you have any clue on this? :D

Puan Dinar said...

kalo nemu nanti aku share deh.. :)


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