September 14, 2012

One Cold Summer

Remember when I wrote that this year's vacation truly felt like a summer vacation to me? Well it was not only because we went to the summery island of Belitung, but also because once again we also went to Bali, just one week after our Belitung trip. It was unplanned, actually. Hubby had to go there for a conference, he had enough millage to fly us there with practically nothing, there was a big hotel room that was going to be mostly empty. So we jumped on the plane & flew to Bali.

The thing is, it wasn't quite so summery in Bali at that time. The weather was breezy, even cold at night, & as the result so was the pool. They said that the cold wind from Australia came this way at that time of the year. We even had to wear cardigans if we go outside at night. But still, the kids had lots of fun.

We enjoyed the hotels (2 hotels, & I'm going to write about them later on), the pools too (not the beach thou, Bali beaches are overshadowed by the pretty beaches in Belitung, in my kids' eyes). We also went to Ubud, just us three cause hubby had to work. It was a cloudy day when we were in Ubud. So we just went for a stroll & bought some homemade jam at Kou. As always we also tried some cafe & restaurant around Seminyak with my good friend Ade, & of course a trip to Bubba Gump.

All in all,  it was a great trip. Bali never fail us. Thank's Ayah for your hard work, & for letting us enjoy Bali while you work. :)

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