August 27, 2012


Oh happy day. Got some special things this year. Two special gifts from kakak Aira, cause she bought one of them with her own money, and made the other one by herself. Aidan & Ayah got me something special two. The little guy was a perfect gentleman. He got three things on his mind as birthday gift option. Told the Dad, forced the Dad to go to the mall with him, & ensured the Dad that he got enough money to buy it himself. Of course his money (from his piggy bank) was not enough, but he still wanted to chip in. So the Dad let him. He went to the mall with the kids, and let them drove him crazy while they bickered about which model or which color. And I love him for that.

Aidan tried to woke Pak Teddy at 4 in the morning, to give me my gift. Pak Teddy managed to force him back to sleep & wait for another 2 hours. So at 6 in the morning we had our birthday-gift-in-bed ritual. And then at night we dressed up abit & had a family dinner at Toscana. Thank you for the special day, you guys. I love you so much. :)

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