October 15, 2012

Workshop In A Box : Enchanted Forest

The 4th Workshop In A Box, and the 3rd for me. Once I heard the theme was gonna be enchanted forest, I instantly hooked. I was right, the decoration was one of the best I had ever saw. I mean the 'dessert table', if you can even call it that, was an actual enchanted forest. Just so freaking pretty.

We made a terrarium in a jar with paper rabbit & squirrel. And a teeny weeny paper flower too, which really got on my nerve in the making process. I'm just not good with making little delicate things. But I love the end result. We also made origami mushrooms and used them to make a garland. And the last one that we made was a fox mask & it's tail. It was my very firs time trying to sew with a sewing machine, the first workshop I managed to get away because Aira wanted to try, the second one I got a little help from Anti. This time around I finally tried, and boy, it was a mess. But Aidan really like the mask & the tail, he didn't care about the sewing quality, he wore them all day long. 

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