October 27, 2012

One Fine Day

I like today. Today's been nice to me. I woke up with the four of us cuddled in our bed. The bed got smaller or the kids got bigger, I sure prefer the first option. It drizzled a bit outside, but then it stopped. So Hubby went out to play a little hoops with the next door dad, while the kids play ball with their friends. As for I, I decided to prepared some breakfast. Couldn't find much in the fridge, so I had to settled with simple thin pancakes and jam. Hubby brought us another batch of Kou Cuisine jam that would go well with the thin pancakes. I made some pink lemonade too.

After breakfast & bath, Hubby and the kids went to the mall. The kids were asking for some new books. So off they went, leaving me home alone to work. Well not all alone, a I got a bottle of Sarsaparilla drink to keep me company. While the cats off for their stroll at the mall, this one Smurf was left in an empty house, with a whole lot of writings to do. Empty house, cool weather, cloudy sky, work well done. Happy me.

But then two happy kids came home, with new books and full tummies, and they brought me my ultimate comfort food, Wendy's. Thanks to Hubby too, who obviously the reason for those happy faces, and thank you for letting me be home alone, doing my work. Happy happy me. :)

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