May 26, 2016

The Beigel Quest

Known as one of the oldest & the best bagel shop in London, Beigel Bake has become an institution of London's  Brick Lane. So one wet Sunday, we took a trip to Shoreditch on a quest of what supposed to be London's best bagel.

It was our second day in London and Rendy's birthday. Pak Teddy & Aidan were on their way to Liverpool, having another quest of their own. Rendy pick Aira & me up at Fulham and bundled in our coat off we went to the eastern side of London.

I love it that one step outside the tube station you can immediately feel, see & smell how the triangle of influences has made Shoreditch, once notoriously known as the neighborhood where Jack the Ripper done his action, into this distinct & unusual area. It's a place with a mix culture throwing exotic & colorful images in every direction. Curry restaurants & mosque on one side, vinyl market & bars on the other. People wearing thawb & hijab alongside people with the most hipster clothing you could possibly imagine. Murals & grafitti covering brick walls just one corner away from the modern glass buildings on Liverpool Street. 

That weekend Brick Lane was extraordinarily crowded. More than usual, Rendy said. The street was filled with food stalls, antiques, boxes of used vinyl, vintage clothing, and other random items. But no matter how tempting the food stalls looked, we were on a quest. The only queue line we  were going to be in was the one in front of the small shop with white sign on it. The one where you can see the smoke and stacks of salt beef behind the glass window. The one where people were milling around holding hot bagel in their hand and happy smile on their face with every bite they took.

Rendy offered to queue for us, while Aira & I stood outside absorbing the scenery of crowded Brick Lane near Christmas time. The birthday boy got us the famous salt beef bagel and the cream cheese & lox bagel. They looked promising, but after one bite I got my proof, it is the best bagel I have ever tasted. Well, I haven't tasted that many, to be honest, but I assure you that I'm not exaggerating when I said that the soft doughy bagel and tender beef will 'melt in your mouth'. I was so tempted to buy more for later, but we still got some places to visit afterwards. So I will make sure that the next time I'm lucky enough to be in London, I'm gonna go there again to buy a salt beef bagel or a cream cheese & lox bagel. Or maybe both. Yes, they tastes that good!

If you find yourself in London, do yourself a favor and make your way down to Brick Lane for a bagel. And whatever you do, just don't leave there without some salt beef. 
- Huffington Post

Although the street is known for its ubiquitous curry houses - few worth sampling, many worth actively avoiding - and vintage-clothes hunters, it's the bagels that keeps us wending back to Brick Lane.
- Monocle 

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