September 11, 2011

Speaking of Thom Yorke..

No matter what the critics said, I always love the 1996 version of Romeo & Juliet movie. You know, the one with Leonardo DiCaprio & Claire Danes staring at each other through the aquarium glass? That movie surely marked my high school era.

And the soundtrack. Oh the soundtrack. The Cardigans, Garbage, Des'ree, The Wannadies, Stina Nordenstam, Radiohead. I just looooveeee the soundtrack, especially the one by Radiohead, Talk Show Host. Not just that I happened to think that the song was perfect for the scene where it was played - the one with Romeo sitting alone by the deserted beach, with the ruins, and sunset, and everything - this song also one of my favorite Radiohead song. I could hear it over and over again and never get bored of it. A gloomy song that always makes me happy.

So please Mr. Thom Yorke, make more great music. I know Radiohead will never fails me.

pic taken from here.

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