November 05, 2014

Epic Family Vacation

Don't let your dreams be dreams, at least that's what Jack Johnson said. And this year, one of my epic dream came true. Traveling, not just to any country, to the UK with Pak Teddy, Aira, & Aidan. Yep. To the homeland of Enid Blyton, Roald Dahl, Sherlock Holmes, Harry Potter, Liverpool FC, Peter Pan, Terry Pratchett, Blur, you name it!

We went to England at the beginning of summer, where there were just enough sunshine to make the English people happy, and the breeze still pretty cool to keep us happy and stylish with our parca. Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, London, York, Whitby, and up north to gloomy Edinburgh. Plane, train, coach, tube, car. We trotted around (mostly) the north part of the kingdom, enjoyed every cobblestones, red bricks houses, lusty green parks, old buildings, historical landmarks, hills, stone walls, markets, random alleys, train stations, abbeys. Oh I think we might've left our hearts there, maybe somewhere in the busy but exciting streets of London, or in the windy but friendly dock of Liverpool. Surely that means we need to go back there, to pick them up. Rite? :)

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