November 27, 2014

The City of Leeds

We arrived at Manchester on the afternoon. One step outside the airport and were greeted by the cold wind and grey sky. Not long before it rained. The kids was so happy, especially when they finally met their Oom Rendy.

We walked to the train station, but our train to Leeds was rescheduled, so we had to wait in cold for another 30 minutes. The kids was supposed to be tired, or jet lagged, but they looked perfectly happy and chatty. The excitement beat the jet lag, I guess. It was another 1 hour train ride from Machester to Leeds, but they kept on talking and talking along the way.

After just 5 minutes ride or so, the scenery outside the window changed into what I always imagine England would look like. Green hills and trees, rows and rows of red bricks houses with chimey, yellow flowers, stone walls, horses, farms here and there. If the kids were chatty along the way, well, I was grinning along the way.

We went straight from Leeds Station to Roomzzz Aparthotel where we stayed while in Leeds. It was located on the outskirt of Leeds City Center and a walking distance from Rendy's apartement. Not very big, but overall nice. 

Since it was summer, my eyes demand me not to waste daytime in the room, but then I checken on my watch, it was already 8 pm. And suddenly I was so effin tired. We cleaned up, and curled under the blanket. I closed my eyes while the sun was still up at 8 pm and open my eyes when the sun was already up at 5 am. Welcome to British summer, guys! :)

After a quick brakfast provided by Roomzzz, then it was time to stroll around Leeds. We walk 4 km to the city central and the road were empty. Aparantly the city was preparing for the upcoming Tour de France grand depart. You could find yellow bikes and yellow garland all around the city, and that Sunday morning the main road in front of the Town Hall was closed, only bikes alowed. We took our time, walking around the main road all the way to Trinity, Leeds biggest shopping area.

Rendy guided us around city central, including Leeds City Market and the Leeds Corn Exchange, a beautiful old building that used to be the place where people trading in their corn in the old days. Now it has become boutique hopping center for independent retailers. 

Then we  went seperate ways, since mom in law need to go the market, while the little boy got his eyes on this Star Wars edition Vans shoes. Oh, well.

After Aidan got his Storm Trooper shoes, which he wore riteway, the four of us continue or task for the day, enjoying Sunday in Leeds with no particuar place to go. And what do you know, we found a weekend market at the Briggate. Stalls and stalls of food. Delicious looking food. So we decided to wait for Rendy, Mama Nuk, and Papa there, while trying out some food. Delicious food.

Pak Teddy, Aira, and I didn't want to waste our day, but the grandparents and Aidan were tired afer the long walk. Oh, Jakarta citizen and walking. So they went back to the hotel, while the three of us acompanied by Rendy continued our stroll. To the Leeds University.

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