November 27, 2014

Where The Little Uncle Live and Study

We went to England to visit Pak Teddy's little brother who studied there, rite? So, of course we had to visit Leeds University where he studied and the neighborhood where he lived.  After we visited the campus area, we went up and down the hilly rsidential area to Rendy's small apartment. The neighbourhood was not so fancy since the residents are mostly students, but it was quiet, nice, and oh so England. Again, with those red bricks, that it made me wonder if maybe there was a regualation about it. x)

The campus complex itself was pretty huge, taking use of lots of old impressive buildings and houses, and some new modern buildings too. There was even an ancient cemetery in the middle of the campus area. Aira was instantly fascinated by the idea of studying in a such wonderful campus, while I, I can't stop seing images from various books that I read that taken place in England. The word 'Great Hall' ergo Hogwarts, it's pretty red bricks wall with plants climbing over it ergo Enid Blyton's St. Claire, the library ergo Matilda and so on, and so on. x)

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