November 28, 2010

9 years & 2 kids later.

We never had a honeymoon trip. The only trip that could be considered as a honeymoon was our trip to Novotel Bogor. The place was nice and pretty romantic, but I was 8 month pregnant with Aira. So once again, We never had a honeymoon trip. I had mommy vacation, twice, but not a honeymoon trip. This year that fact has changed. 9 years & 2 kids later, we finally had our some-kinda-honeymoon. It was a short trip, some might call it a weekend getaway, but I stubbornly decided to call it honeymoon, and it was sweet & fun. We met some friends during the trip, but we also had a lot of 'us' moments. I love you hubby, & I love us. :)

Kubu Beach, June 5th 2010

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