November 28, 2010

Bali, June 2010.

Here's what we did in Bali, back in June. We stayed at this pretty hotel by the cliff, we swam at the pool, and strolled around the hotel. And then we found out about this secluded beach called the Kubu beach. The thing about Kubu beach, you have to go down more than 160 flights of stairs to get there. The hotel staff took us there to check the beach out, and then we could decide if we would like to go down there or not. But once we saw the beach, we were hooked. It was pretty and.. almost empty! I just couldn't resist it. So the staff gave us two bottles of cold mineral water, for supply, he said. The trip down and back up was an exercise, but I would go there a hundred times if I had the chance. It was just like your own private beach. Just us, sandy beach, and the sound of the wave. Heaven.

We also met some friends and ate lost of good food.  Barbecue seafood platter at Echo beach, super brunch at the Corner Shop, and the most delicious Mexican food at Mojo's Flying Burritos, just to name a few. My bestie Ade lived in Bali, so she took us around to all these places with great food. She (planned) to took us to this place called Echo beach for sunset, but we got so lost that we ended up having dinner there. We had to get through small roads in the middle of paddi fields with no lights in Canggu area, but the food was great and we had fun. Then there was also this great place called Mojo's Flying Buritos in Petitenget. I was smitten with the bright colors of the place, and when the food came, oh I fell in love. Thank you miss Ade for taking us around, the get lost part while we were looking for Echo beach was so worthed. Ah, I miss Bali already. :)

Us, by the cliff.

Us, by the sea.

Us, accompanied by good friends & good food.

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