October 25, 2011

Speaking of Jim Sturgess

Speaking of Jim Sturgess, he's one of my guilty pleasure guy. Yes, I sometimes spoiled my eyes with some pretty boys, and Jim Sturgess definitely one of them. Have you seen Across The Universe? If you did, you'll understand why. First, I have a soft spot for Brit guys. I spent my teenage life in the 90's, listening to Britpop music, so yeah, guys like Damon Albarn will always caught my eyes. There you go, 2 reasons why I swoon aver Jim Sturgess, he's the typical Brit guy that I like and he can sing. Plus the first time I hear him sing was a bunch of my favorite Beatles songs, then I found out he sings other songs too. I couldn't possibly ask for more.

  pics taken from here: pic1pic2pic3pic4.

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