January 24, 2012

Owner Of A Lonely Heart

A couple of days ago I was chatting with Syarin, about how songs or music that we listened when we were little would forever stuck in our head. Obviously most of them were the music that our parents listened to. Syarin told how how she remembered cruising around in the car with her dad when she was little, listening to The Beatles. So The Beatles was her childhood music, ergo will always stuck in her head, in a good way I believe.

Then it got me thinking, what was my childhood music. Well, Genesis would be the answer. The cruising around in the car with the dad, while Syarin listened to The Beatles, I listened to Genesis. Oh, and Yes, too. Owner Of A Lonely Heart surely had been embedded in the back of my mind. My Aunt said that I hummed that song while playing with my dolls when I was little. I wonder what songs or music that Aira and Aidan will remember from their childhood. :)

I know, this one post filled with nonsense, but hey, thinking gibberish, talking nonsense, writing whatever comes to mind? Well, this nonsense happened to be in my mind rite now, so I'm writing it. There you go.

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