January 22, 2012

Tropical Winter

Like any other kids in (south) Jakarta, Aira & Aidan visited Pondok Indah Mall to enjoy the tropical winter last December. We went there one day before the holiday officially begun (at most schools), so the ice rink & the snow playground wasn't too crowded. Aira didn't have to wait at all to ice skate. The rink was quite empty too, so she could actually skate around, not just queuing around on the ice like any other days during the rest of the holiday. Aidan only had to wait for 15 minutes, to finally played in the snow. It was the artificial one of course, but he was happy enough. :)

We had lunch at Sushi Tei afterward, where Aira tried their new Kids Meal, a platter of do-it-yourself sushi & ice cream for dessert. Aira really enjoyed the sushi making, and the sushi eating too. But there was too many sushi on the platter for her to eat alone, so of course Aidan come to the rescue, eating the rest of the sushi. ;)

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