August 04, 2012

Weep-fest on Web-fest

I watched The Amazing Spider-man on the very first day it showed in the cinema. Spider-man is my all time favorite super hero, so I don't really care who played the character, I just had to watch. I love Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker, but after I watched this one, I gotta say I love Andrew Garfield's Peter Parker equally, well maybe a bit more. I mean the character was so human and ordinary. Everything  was just enough, not over the top, even the romantic and action scenes, IMHO.

The silly thing is, I watched The Amazing Spider-man when I was on PMS. Big Mistake. I know it was an action movie, but let me tell you, I cried almost through out the whole movie. I cried when his father left him, I cried when he held his father briefcase and when he put on his glasses, I cried when he had that fight with Uncle Ben, and of course on the scenes that followed that fight, I cried when Gwen standing under her umbrella asking him that one question. I even cried on the simplest scenes like Peter facing the sink with his back on Aunt May, hiding his battered face and when he showed up on Gwen's place, knocking her window with his head, all bruised and battered. I basically cried like a teenager watching lovey dovey drama movie. And it was Spider-man.

But still, I'm so glad Sony Entertainment is the owner of the Spider-man film franchise. At least they kept it grounded, and make sure it got a great story to tell, not just some action packed super hero movie for kids. :')

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