October 04, 2010

The Beach Far Away In Time

3rd time a charm. My 3rd trip this year to Bali was truly a charm. I went there with hubby, Aira, & Aidan. Aira, the little Ace that she is, fell in love with the sea instantly. Mister Aidan on the other hand, loved the sandy beaches, but refused to do more than dipping his toes in the sea water, he claimed that the water was 'too big' and absolutely not save for kids his size. x)

Me & hubby, we fell in love with Echo Beach, stated to be 'far away in time, hard to find - hard to forget', which was true. The perfect kind of beach to bring kids to. The wave just right, the sand great for building sand castle, there were shells to be picked, no drinking stalls or ibu-ibu selling things, not crowded, and very clean. Oh, and the sunset, the sunset just marvellous. To be there with my hubby and kids, pure bliss. :)

September, 29th 2010
Echo Beach
Canggu, Bali

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