October 26, 2010

Monster Bags

Last weekend Hubby was still away, so I browsed for more weekend project ideas. I found this monster pinata bags tutorial on giddygiddy and decided to make some of these monster bags with Aira & Aidan. All we needed were old paper bags, scissors, glue, colored papers & colorful crepe papers. In the original tutorial the used tissue papers, but since I didn't had enough time to look for colorful tissue papers, I just bought some crepe papers at the nearby market.

Aira & I did most of the papers cutting. Aidan had his own share of fun too, even though he just ended up playing around with his papers & destroying them. I helped him glued the papers around the bag & then he decided what shape of eyes & mouth that he wanted for his monster. He said his monster should be a bad-bad one. Aira didn't need much help when it came to art & craft things. She said that since we had these monster bags, we should do some 'trick-or-treat'-ing on halloween, or use them as a gift bags. Aidan think we should make a hole on the eyes so he could wear his over his head as a monster mask. Another happy weekend. :D

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