October 28, 2010

I'm a proud Blue Monkey.. Monkey all the way!

originally posted on facebook, Feb 16, 2009

You are Blue Monkey, who has pretty smile and are charming woman.

Your personality is very straightforward and conscientious.

Although you seem rather nervous, you are naturally strong and can not stand to lose.

You are a honest person with guts.

Your facial features are handsome and you are a smart dresser with urban sense.

You are also a curious person.

You are a hard worker, and you put your energy not only in work but also in your personal interests.

There are many Blue Monkey people who have mastered an art that would result in practical benefits.

You can show womanly consideration to those around you, and even if you are not feeling well, you can commit your self in making happy atmosphere.

Although you try to act cheerfully, you tend to be rather lonely mentally.

Unlike your outer characteristic, you tend to submit to lonely circumstances.

You are not very good at expressing your feelings, and may give false idea to those around you.

You should know that without trying to make your self understood, you won't to get the cooperation and help of the others.

You will be able to lead life free from pressure, if you can keep a relationship with those people bonded by heart.

Your intelligence and creativity makes you suited to jobs relating to art and design.

Once married and you have children of your own, you will become good mother and wife.

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