May 29, 2011

Hello Suarez!

My friend Rika gave this Liverpool shirt for Aidan & he love it so much. Aidan would wear it every single day if I allowed him to do so. Every morning for the last week he would ask me where the shirt was, has it dry yet, can he wear it. If the shirt was being wash or still wet, he would repeat those questions in the afternoon. So Tante Rika, I think you better give him another one, soon. x)

And he understood the meaning of the "Bye Torres. Hello Suarez!" printed in his shirt. So he would happily explain it to anyone who happened to be around when he wear that shirt. "Ayah said Torres is a naughty boy. But no worries, Liverpool has Suarez now, and he's good!". Well done Ayah, well done.

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