May 18, 2011

Deliciousness With A Soul

This is about my new favorite place. I've written about this place a while ago, it's called Souly Butter Kitchen. Located right across KFC Kemang, this small kitchen owned by my best friend Putri, & her sister Rezia, a.k.a. Madame Chef.

I'm a fan of Souly Butter's dessert, especially their Caramel Eclair. They used to made those delicious sweets (and savory too) in their home kitchen on your order, then you can picked them up or got them delivered to your door. I got really excited when I heard that they finally opening their kitchen for public, because for me, less effort & no minimum order, I can drop by anytime.

When I say they open their kitchen for public, I mean it, literally. Enter the Souly Butter Kitchen, and you will find yourself standing in the middle of a cozy little kitchen, with a tiny island in the middle, stove, & oven too. Look to your right, and you'll find the pretty dining area, with white interior and bright colors fluffy cushions. It's small, but I personally really love it.

The first time I went there after my pre-open private tour I was with hubby & Aidan. It was the perfect time for brunch, so we ordered carrot cake (big & yummy) & a very nice omelette, which Rezia cooked herself. Yes, if you visit the kitchen at the right time Madame Chef herself will be cooking your meal. You can just wait at your table, or you can hang around the island, sitting on one of the stools and chat with her. It is her kitchen, so of course she'll cook for you. :)

The tricky (but fun) thing about Souly Butter Kitchen, beside their signature dessert, they doesn't always serve the same menu every day. They bake carrot cake today, they might serve tiramisu the next day. So make sure you follow their twitter. It is very informative about whats baking & cooking at the kitchen, but can be torturing too, for they often post the pictures of those souly deliciousness.

And what is they signature sweetness? They sold dozens of red velvet cupcakes every single day. You can choose between cream cheese or mascarpone to be spread on your red velvet. My favorite is cream cheese. Oh, and the muffins are great too, I always picked the chocolate chips one every time I drop by for a quick breakfast, spreading some butter on it while I waited for my latte to brew.

I'm not finish yet, from the savory side, I love their potato gratin & the focacia sandwich. But my all time favorite, back to the sweet side, will always be the caramel eclair. I never smoked pot, you see, but I'm pretty sure the effect on me will be pretty much like the effect these caramel eclairs had on me. Smiling ear to ear, stars in my eyes, humming happy tunes, swaying in happiness. Total bliss. Okay, maybe I overreacted, but seriously, one time I couldn't stop thinking about the happy feeling I got every time those eclairs melt in my mouth that the next day I just had to go there.

I really love hanging around this friendly kitchen. They serve great meal, good coffee, cozy place with nice ambience, and you can even play your own playlist. It is truly a kitchen with a soul. :)

Souly Butter Kitchen
Jl. Kemang Raya 15A, Jak-Sel


angki said...

looks like a cozy place. and look at those yummy snacks. oh! will visit this place sooon. btw just realized that you own shamrock? wow, been spying on them for quite some time via FB but never have the guts to buy one of them :P will follow this blog right away and link it at mine ;)

Puan Dinar said...

Hi there Angki! oh, please do buy shamrock, we're a friendly bunch here at shamrock field. I will surely link yours at mine too. Cheers! :D


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