May 08, 2012

Beastie Boys. A Sad Day.

I listened to Beastie Boys through out my junior high, high school, & collage years. I still do. No need to explain why, or what so great about their work. Let the expert do that. This is what I know.

I love Beastie Boys from the very first beat of their very first song that I had ever heard. I used to drooled over their posters in this record store in Plaza Indonesia. It was imported and as a Junior High kids I didn't have enough money to buy one of those poters. So whenever we went to Plaza Indonesia, I would find an excuse to passed in front of thet store just to looked at them. Back in the days, I used to write stories, short stories, or what you nowadays might call teenlit. One time, during my Beastie Boys introduction era in Junior High, I even wrote a story about a girl who fall in love with a boy who loves Beastie Boys. I don't quite remember what its about exactly, but I do remember how I described the guy character. He almost always had his walkman on, which almost always playing Beastie Boys's Ill Communication album. Obviously, good looking & had a hair cut just like Adrock. One time, when they were supposedly on a date, this guy choosed to play Sabotage, blaring out of his car's audio tape, instead of a romantic song. I explored Beastie Boys music with my besties, Putri & Ocha.

Then in high school I kept on listening to Sabotage & a whole lot more from their newer albums. Not many of my girl friends share my love for Beastie Boys, but the guys did. In collage I met Syarin and (of course) a blaring Beastie Boys will always be one of the top options while riding home from campus in her car. This continues, till now.

So, yeah, it was a sad day for me. RIP MCA, thanks for everything.

Adam Yauch 1964 - 2012

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