May 06, 2012

Happy Birthday Little Ace!

Happy 11th birthday Aira! Can't believe you're 11 years old. Eleven! E.L.E.V.E.N! Gosh! Nope, not a teen yet. I still got an extra year *denial*. :')

No, it's wasn't a set of lipstick. Did you think I'm crazy? It was a set of Paul Frank Lip Gloss. I think she only like to smell them, not use them thou. And no, it's not an iPhone. It's an iPod touch. Which she loooveee very-very much. You can tell, rite? How happy she was when she found out the birthday present was an iPod touch? And she well deserved it too. Being the Ace that she is. So proud of you, (baby) girl! Love you very much!

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