June 26, 2011

Reading Rainbow - Celebrates The Art of Eric Carle

Like I said in my previous post, Aira & Aidan were signed up for Aksara Reading Rainbow. I asked Ade & her niece Amabel to join us, and they agreed. So today we met up at Aksara Kemang at 1 o'clock. Tante Kyra (Kutakatik Art & Craft Class) and her friend Tante Indri were already there and the art & craft session started right away. Kyra showed the kids some of the art works in Eric Carle's book as inspiration for today's activity.

Aira picked a picture from the book The Tiny Seed. While Aidan took this 'looking for inspiration' session as an opportunity to get Amabel's attention. The two of them flipped through a book for a while then decided to make a rainbow (plus a car, of course, for Aidan). 

Hubby, Ade, and I then went upstair to have a cup of coffee. No surprise, when I went back in about 20 minutes, Aidan and Amabel were done with the artsy stuff, now running around the store. They only stopped when the snacks were served. A Very Hungry Caterpillar cupcakes and milk. Both kids enjoying their snacks (in about 5 minutes) then back to running around.

On the other hand, Aira enjoyed this artsy and crafty stuff very very much. She really took her time to 'recreate' an illustration from The Tiny Seeds. I think today was about her favorite things, books and craft, at the same place, at one time. :)

click here and here for more pics. :)

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