June 15, 2011

Mango Orange Popsicle

We heart popsicle, but more than that, we heart home made popsicle. Why? Because it's healthier. Made from fresh ingredients, no food coloring, no preservatives. We often made our own strawberry yogurt popsicle, but yesterday when the day was pretty hot, basically the perfect kinda day for some fresh cold popsicles, I just wanna try something new. So we tried a new recipe from my friend Kyra's blog, mango orange honey popsicle, and it was just like what Kyra said, easy peasy to make. 

You only need  mangoes, oranges, and some honey. I made ours with 2 whole mangoes (harumanis), 2 oranges (medan), & 2 tablespoon of natural honey. Diced the mangoes, squeeze the oranges, add the honey, blend them all, pour into popsicle molds, put in freezer until solid. Easy, rite? 

I let Aira & Aidan help with the oranges, they made a mess out of that task and I have to squeeze another extra orange, but they had fun so I don't really mind. By the afternoon, the popsicles were all solid and ready. It was so refreshing to have on that hot day. Aira said she liked the mango popsicle very much, while Aidan, well Aidan liked almost everything that's edible. He had two. :)

click here for original recipe.

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