June 24, 2011

We met Rio.

Yes we met Rio, the bird, not the girl from that Duran Duran song. Well, it was actually a Macaw bird, but Aidan called it Rio, because it looked like a bird from the animation movie Rio. We see these Macaw birds at the Goelali Festival today, they were being showed at the animal kingdom area, brought by Taman Safari Indonesia. It was too small to be called 'kingdom', actually, there were only 2 yellow-blue Macaw Birds and 1 big yellow snake. They said there will be a pony on Saturday thou.

We took some pictures with one of the bird. Since Aira and Aidan too scared, the zoo keeper just put the bird on my knee while the kids standing nearby. Aira then try to feed it with some corn given by the zoo keeper. Now I think I would really like to take the kids to a bird park, the one in Bali maybe. :)

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