March 25, 2012

Cold Strawberry Cream

It had been awhile since the last time we made this messy but super good dessert. But the weather been so so hot these past 2 days & we need something to cool us off. So we made our favorite cold strawberry cream. The original recipe was taken from Aira's fairy cookbook, but we changed some ingredients. So here it is, our recipe of cold strawberry cream. Make some, who knows maybe tomorrow will be as hot as today. :D

150 gr strawberry
4 tbs castor sugar
4 tbs thick yogurt (I used strawberry flavored)
1 pack yogurt (I used raspberry flavored)
150 thick cream
50 gr marie regal biscuits (or to like)

How to make:
- Put the strawberries into a bowl, mashed
- Add the castor sugar into the bowl, stir well
- Add the yogurt, stir well
- Pour the cream into another bowl, shake well
- Pour the strawberry mix into the cream bowl, stir well
- Keep stirring until the color of the mixture become pink
- Put the biscuits into a plastic bag, mash it to crumb
- Put the strawberry cream into small bowls, pour the crumb on top of it
- Put them in the fridge to cool

Enjoy :)

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