March 03, 2012

Quickie Lunchie

I heard about Pasta Basta from a friend a couple of months ago, she said it was a small place selling good pasta & pizza. But I haven't tried it yet, until last Thursday. Another friend of mine, Kyra, posted on her blog about Pasta Basta. She was the one who painted Pasta Basta's windows. After some quick tweets between me, Kyra, & Syarin, we decided to meet there the next day.

We went there for lunch, a quick but nice one. That day Kyra was on another window painting job next door to Pasta Basta, at a small alterations shop. Syarin was on her way to a photo shoot at Bangka, while I was in between mommy pick up duty. The food was good, the conversation was light & fun. We should do it again soon, but maybe not too quick next time. :)

pic edited by kyra.

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