November 07, 2012


Gonna be some spoilers, better skip this if you haven't watch the movie.

2 words about this film, I like. I like everything about it. I like how Daniel Craig portrayed James Bond, I like Javier Bardem perfect villain. I like that the portion of the Bond girls was just enough, no girls joining Bond in the main action, shooting around and playing hero alongside my hero. I like the all new young Q, black Moneypenny, male M at the same time that I like the old classic Aston Martin and the fact that there were no state of the art gadgety weapons. I like how Craig's Bond seem to have more meaningful dialogues compare to the previous film. I like the opening scene, I like Adele's Skyfall song. I like how they bring the action back to London, and then Scotland. I like how they put enough portion of funny at the right time, or drama too as a matter of fact, alongside the action scenes. I like how some detail were not classic James Bond but somehow the movie brought back everything classic about James Bond. I like. Happy 50th Anniversary, Mr. Bond.

"If Casino Royale was Bond finding his footing, Skyfall is him remembering where he left it - a clever turnoround  made all the more effective by giving 007 an adversary who, for much of the film, is crossing the finish line while Jimmy's putting on his trainers" ~ from Total Fim

"But Mendes has managed to breathe dramatic life back into the action franchise, while managing not to lose any of the charm that makes Bond, well... Bond." ~ from The Telegraph

"Fast-paces, stylish and feeling a snippet of its 143 minute runtime, if Casino Royale was the Batman Begins of the Bond franchise - re-birthing a new vigour into the character - then Skyfall is the franchise's The Dark Knight. It takes the character to new heights, not just with action and beauty, but with depth. This is Daniel Craigs's Bond, and now, after three films, he has finally made it 100% his own." ~ from Eat Sleep Live Film

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