May 16, 2013

A Week of Blur

I will always remember last night as one of the best night of my life. I finally saw Blur, on stage, live. Woohoo!

I was so excited when I got the news that Blur going to perform at Big Sound Festival in Jakarta, on May 15th 2013. I even got more excited when I finally bought the ticket. I listened to all their CDs back to back every single day up to the day of the concert (still going on rite now, by the way). I was planning to dedicate a whole week of Blur in my blog, but then I was so afraid that I was going to jinx it if I got too excited. Didn't want to repeat another bad experience like the canceled Foo Fighters concert in Singapore last year, I guess. So I'm going to do my Blur week now, after the concert. Brace yourself. :)

Everyone who knew me well would know that I'm a die hard Blur fan since I was in Junior High. And Mr. Damon Albarn was my very first (real human) love. Well, the first 4 was Kenichi, Gogle Black, and Peterpan. It was the Brit-Pop era, and I'm so glad I was born at the right time so I could enjoy those era. My besties, Putri and Ocha, and myself, we were so in it, we would hang out at Putri's place after school, just to watched MTV and Channel V, listened to CDs, and looked through imported music magazines. 

Then one day there they are, black and white on the TV screen, crooning To The End. And I fell in love. With Blur, with Damon Albarn, with To The End, which remain my most favorite Blur song.

I bought the Parklife album, swallowed the whole album and loving every tits bits of music in it. Since Parklife was my starting point to Blur music, I then listened to their 2 previous albums, Leisure and Modern Life is Rubbish. And it was a real pleasure. Great Escape was a marvelous experience too. And the rest is history. I never stop listening to their music. The only 2 posters that was hanging on my wall throughout my teen years was of Blur and the other was of Mr. Albarn himself. I took them off the wall when I have to move to a bigger room when I got married.

Watching their live show video is a pleasure I kept on doing from time to time. I still remembered how I always thought to myself how happy I would be if I could watch Blur live on stage at least once in my life, and how absurd and impossible that was.

But I proofed myself wrong. You gotta dream big. Because I just experienced the absurd and the impossible last night. I watched Blur, on stage, live. Yes, it really really really could happen. 

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