January 10, 2010

Concerts of 2009

I didn't went to concerts very often. It's not that I don't enjoyed them, I love concert very much. The thing is, since Aira was born and now followed by Aidan, I often felt guilty to leave them back home while I sing aloud & jumping around in a concert. One of the concert that I kinda regretted that I passed was Muse, but what can I say, I was 8 months pregnant with Aidan when they came to Jakarta.

2009 was a pretty concert-friendly year for me. Well, I still have to passed some of them, especially the one that needed a 2 ways tickets to Singapore & lodging, but I went to some great ones in Jakarta.

I went to see Bjork. It was my first concert after I don't know how many years. I went with Syarin since hubby doesn't even know what the hell is this Bjork. It was great, SHE was great! I guess Bjork is the only person in the whole world that can pull out a metallic puffy dress amazingly. The sounds was great & she sang almost every songs that was on my wish list. The only 2 songs that I didn't get to hear was It's Oh So Quiet and Human Behaviour.

It was like a dream when I heard that Incubus was coming to Jakarta. I mean Brandon Boyd is practically a God! Yes, I believed that he is half-god, so this is one of the moment I just can't missed. Hubby agreed to go with me, and so did Syarin. We were planning to scream as loud as we possibly can to encouraged Mr. Boyd to open his shirt and show off his god-like abs (in 'we' I refered to myself and Syarin, of course, not hubby). So we did exactly that, we were shameless, I know. But he did. He opened his shirt, one button at a time, on shirt at a time. Oh how women loves to be teased. Nuff said about the abs, it was a pretty great show, I only thought it was lacked of communication in their part. But still, I wouldn't miss it for the world.

Then I went to the Java Jazz Festival with hubby to see Jason Mraz. Due to my hubby kindness (he offered to take care everybody's ticket) I ended up watching the show with his friend Firzee instead, since he had to went out to delivered a friend's ticket & couldn't get back through the crowd to my spot. The show was good, but I couldn't said that it was amazing. First, it was way too crowded to my liking. Yes I know a concert is supposed to be crowded, but this one was filled with too many screaming teenager. The show was part of the festival so the duration was pretty short. The other thing was I didn't get to watched it with hubby like we planned to, so it wasn't much fun in my part. After the show, we couldn't even get to many other one, since the festival was way too packed that it took many time to get from one stage to another.

By the end of this year there was this Soul Nation Festival that somehow brought The Ting-Tings in town. I went them with many friends, Syarin & Arian, Ocha, Malva, Putri & Ivan. We met at the venue and got a nice spot by the sound mixer. It was really fun. The Ting-Tings songs are the kind of song that you can just move your body to even though you didn't know the song. They were so easy to enjoy, and since I know more than half the album, I enjoyed it very very much. Katie White was so cute & De Martino was great too (specially his triple zippers shirt that attracted me & Syarin, I don't even know why). We originally planned to watch Arrested Development too, but it happened to be that they were playing at the same time as The Ting-Tings, so I didn't get to sing Mr. Wendall and Tennessee. Oh well.

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