July 16, 2011

New Sandbox

Thanks to Bunda Santi of B1, PJR got a new sandbox! Bunda Santi bought the build-it-yourself sandbox last year, and a couple of days ago Bunda Santi & Abi Temi finally put it up in the field area in the middle of our complex. They bought some beach sand from a hardware depot nearby & put them in the wooden sandbox. The sandbox was an instant hit. That afternoon the kids swarmed around it, digging & building castles. Including, of course, Aira and Mister Aidan. Aidan brought his own set of plastic bucket, spade, and sand mold. The kids were having so much fun! The big kids got a little bored of it after a while, but not the little ones. Every afternoon, or on weekend morning, Aidan would visit the sandbox, play in it all by himself or with some of his little neighbor friends. Thanks again Bunda Santi, for the fun sandbox. :)


isyana said...

you have the coolest neighbor and neighborhood!

Puan Dinar said...

Alhamdilillah jodoh sama rumah disini.. hehe.. :)


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