July 12, 2011

The story of Shamrock's Cover Story.

Shamrock has been in hibernation mode. Our last collection was released in March, but this month we finally ready to release our limited mini collection of cute cover ups. What is a cover up? Well, it is basically something you wear to cover up your body when you're wearing a swimsuit. In the old days, it had other word: towel, or bathing robe. But now they come out with a cuter look and a more fancy name: cover up.

Shamrock's cover ups made of cotton. Some are sheer that bring a little see through effect, and some are not. But you also can wear them all as an everyday day dress. And like we said in the Shamrock's blog, you actually don't need to wait for summer to get yourself a cover up, because we live in Indonesia, we had summer practically all year long. ;)

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