July 16, 2011

One Cloudy Afternoon

We have a new sandbox in the neighborhood. It is currently Aidan's favorite activity in the afternoon, to play in the sandbox that is. But that afternoon dark cloud was hanging in the sky and right after Aidan stepped outside the house it started to drizzle. Aidan was pretty disappointed. No, he was very disappointed you could hear him wailed from across the complex. But then I told him he can go outside wearing his rubber boots and bring his self-painted umbrella. The wail stop right away. 

It was only a light drizzle that there was no puddles around to play in, but Aidan was happy enough just walking around with the boots and umbrella. Then the rain got even lighter, but it was still pretty cloudy so I still said 'no' when Aidan once again asked to play in the sandbox. It was easier to run back to the house when the rain decided to pour if you don't have to cover a sandbox and dealing with a disappointed kid. So we played football. Well it was not exactly football, I kicked the ball slowly to the goal, then Aidan will catch it while screaming "GOAL!". Guess he still doesn't understand the concept, yet. x)

It took awhile until there was absolutely no more drizzle. Aidan looked at me with that Puss in Boots kinda stare, so he finally get what he's been waiting for, playing in the sandbox. It was still heavily cloudy and windy, but no rain. Not until it was really time to get in the house and we had finished covering the sandbox. :)

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