August 10, 2011

A Happy Place Called Science Center

I went to the Singapore Science Center for the first time in 2003, with my friend. We initially planned to go to the Japanese Garden that day, but it was closed so we had to pick another destination from our map, and the Science Center was there, almost at the far end of the map. We went there, and the minute I stepped into that place I promised myself that one day I will bring Aira there. So 8 years later, I finally brought Aira there, with Aidan too, of course.

A long MRT ride to Jurong East and 10-15 minutes walk, or a short bus ride. That's how you find the Singapore Science Center. Know the Iptek Museum at TMII? They both had the same concept, but this one a million times  greater. It actually made science fun. Aira sure had fun from enter to exit. She explore almost everything in the short time we spent there. Plus she studied & enjoyed science at school, so the Science Center was the right place for her. Aidan sure had fun too. He might not understand most of the things in there, but he just wanted to try everything. He run around trying and exploring every displays.

So many fun thing at the Science Center, I wont be able to write down everything. One thing for sure, the next time we visit Singapore we will go to the Science Center earlier and spent more time there, so the kids will actually be able to explore everything.

Here's some pictures we took at the Science Center. Most of them displayed the back of the kids' heads, some of them are blurred, since Aira & Aidan were too busy exploring to pay attention to the camera. x)

The Mind's Eyes

Tesla Coil Room

Sound Exhibition

Primary Science Learning Expirience

Discovery Zone

Invent & Newton Room

Robotics Learning Center

Scientist For A Day

 Waterwork, Ecogarden, & Kinetic Garden

Singapore Science Center
Science Center Road
Singapore 609081
Daily 10am - 6pm
Admission: Adult $9 Child $5


isyana said...

ini menyenangkan sekali... andai musium yang di taman mini kaya gini, science for kids should be fun and colorful :D

Puan Dinar said...

iyaaa.... Aidan aja yg gue kira belumm bisa menikmati ternyata senang sekali. Lain kali kesana lagi (aamiin) mau lebih lama disini. :D

Daniel said...

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