August 02, 2011

happy sigh..

So many things to share, don't know where to start. x)

We went for a vacation to an island nearby. No, not the island of the sun, even though it was pretty sunny there. It was an island where yellow line managed to put things in order and where I repeatedly said, "pardon?" to the old lady behind the cashier.

And there was Aidan's 4th birthday. Yes, he's 4! Yes, he had a specific kind of birthday cake in mind and yes, Bunda had to make sure that it turn out exactly like what he wanted.  

Oh, Aidan is in kindergarten now, wearing uniforms, sleeping in his own room, had a crush on a girl. Kakak Aira is a 5th grader and she sure is smarter that them all, she's my Ace! :D

What else? I write some more as a contributor, and I happened to enjoy this freelance thingy. And I had an agent! Contact her if you wanted my writing. Haha! No, I was kidding. Just buy me some flats shoes or tote bags and I'll write for you. No, I was kidding, again. I'm not a writer, I just write for my own pleasure.

August is here. August is my birth-month, by the way. And Ramadhan is also here. My two favorite months all rolled into one. Yayness!

Well, I guess that's all. I will try to share them in more posts real soon. Just bear with me. :)

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