August 11, 2011

Changi, an airport full of fun.

Who would've thought that the last place to visit in our list while we were in Singapore was the airport. Terminal 3, to be exact. We went to the airport 3 hours earlier just to enjoy the terminal. The place offered many interesting fun to do before we departed Singapore.  We shopped some more, had my last piece of roti kaya, took a peek on the cinema, & visit the butterfly garden. Yes, a real butterfly garden, in the terminal, with real life butterfly, and small waterfall, and plants, and flowers, and airplane outside it's big glass windows. Oh, they even got a playground and a tall slide in the terminal. The slide was from the 3rd floor all the way down to the 1st floor. How cool was that!

When we finally decided to sit & wait, there was a small booth nearby out seats, introducing many symbols of Asia with pistures, description, tiles puzzles, & 4 old embossing tools. There were small papers available on the booth too, so Aira & Aidan could keep themselves busy embossing pieces of papers. Just like many places in Singapore, even their airport was design to entertain visitors, another interesting marketing tools.

It was finally time for us to go home. We left Singapore, the city where a yellow line could actually put things in order, back to Jakarta, where a yellow line could put things in order only if it contained at least 10.000 volt of electricity. But it's home. :)

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