August 10, 2011

Rainy Safari

It was Aidan 4th birthday. No big wrapped present, since we were in Singapore. But Aidan was happy enough with the Cars 2 book I got him at 7-11 the night before. He thought it was THE present. He kept asking where the party was gonna be, thou, or will we be going to a fancy restaurant. I tried to explained that there was no party today, but we could celebrate his birthday with ice cream at the zoo, visit a toy store and he could choose any toy he liked.  And going to a non-fast food restaurant for dinner. He agreed.

The Singapore Zoo was one of the nicest zoo I had ever visited. It wasn't big, you can fit 6 Singapore Zoo in Kebun Binatang Ragunan Jakarta, but it was way cleaner, way more attractive, way more fun. Well, it was basically like any other thing in Singapore, entertaining. The zoo open at 8.30 so we decided to go there in the morning. Aira's 1st time there was so much fun, this would be her 2nd time. 

We had our breakfast there, at Ah Meng Cafe, where I ordered a full breakfast package of roti kaya, eggs, and teh (which by default means my teh/tea came with condensed milk. They sure served great roti kaya. The kaya jam was the brown one, not the green one, with a slice of butter. Oh how they melted in my mouth. I also tried to enjoy my soft boiled eggs local style, with a dash of pepper & salt plus some sweet soy sauce. Ayah had some kaya toast too, without the eggs while the kids enjoy their big bowl of chicken porridge together.

We circled the zoo on a trem ride first, then we strolled some more, visiting each animals closely. But then the sky got real dark with heavy clouds right when we were about to visit the giraffe for their feeding time. Not just the dark clouds, it was windy too. So we decided to go find some shelter before it get rainy. Right after we entered Ben & Jerry's the rain poured down. We bought some ice cream, as I promised Aidan and sing him a zoo edition birthday song. He liked it very much that we had to sing it again & again.

The rain never really stop the whole time we were there. We walk same more when it was finally a drizzle. But zoo were supposed to be sunny. A rainy safari wasn't much fun. The kids were pretty bummed by the rain because it canceled most of the activities they wanted to do. Like animal feeding, horse ride, and wet play area. Well, at least Aidan got to see the goat, just like he planned to do since in Jakarta. All the animal in the zoo, and all he wanted to see was the goat. :p

Many area of the zoo was also under construction, they were building a river cruise safari or something, and preparing the area for the pandas that were coming. Maybe we should visit the zoo again in the future, but we will make sure to check the weather forecast then. For now, we exited the zoo & heading to the Science Center. :)

My tips on visiting Singapore Zoo: Singapore Zoo website is very informative, check it out before you go. Make sure you check the schedule for feeding time & show time. And check the weather forecast too. 

Singapore Zoo
80 Mandai Lake Road
8.30am-6.00pm daily
Admission: Adult $20 Child $13

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