December 14, 2009

His Notes on Life, Love and the Universe, pt. 1

My hubby used to write, I mean the one he did by choice, for his own pleasure, not the one he did in the office on a daily basis for work. He called them 'My notes on life, love and the universe'. Most of them he wrote back in 2005, when he was away in Pekanbaru, guess being away from me kinda inspired him. Haha..

So I've decided to post them here on my notes in hope to inspired him, yet again. Because honestly, and I never told him this, I love reading his writing and I kinda miss them.
So this is the first one, one of my favorite. Hope you don't mind, hubby :)

~Stirring a cup of toffee-nut latte
March 24th, 2005 by ayahnya-aira

Early evening, sitting at Starbucks, ordering a limited hot Toffee-nut Latte. Overpriced, that’s what they always say about Starbucks. But I have to admit, their Toffee-nut Latte, does taste so good. Hmm, good enough to accompany me before my next 8 o’clock dinner meeting with my soon to be client.

Here in Citos, people are buzzing, especially on a long weekend like this. They like to see and to be seen, that’s why all the seats in the corridor are full, and those people who are walking in the plaza can’t keep their eyes straight. Trying to see who is watching them, and who can they watch. Here, you can see the latest fashion of Jakarta. What’s in and what’s out. You can also see a parade of gadgets. Everybody in on wi-fi these days. Sending this unnecessary emails to unnecessary recipients, just to see how the technology works. And this new blackberry thing, where you can send and receive email instantly without dialling up, just add to the hype of wireless technology. And it’s a trend. They may not need it, but they use it anyway. Because it’s trendy.

Life just goes so fast in Jakarta. Sometimes you are drowned in it. Meeting with this client, that client, presentation to management, briefing to staff, dinner invitations, clubbing invitations, lunch meetings in restaurants, even weekend events. This big city really turns into a 24 hour a day 7 days a week city. You run everyday, starts at 5am return at midnight. A typical Jakarta worker, struggling to pay for their mortgage, car loan, credit card bills, phone bills. Just everything you need to know people and t be known in the social life of J-Town.

But what do you get after all this? What does it brings to life? Have you ever paused and think? You just for a brief thirty minutes in a busy near to long weekend situation in one of the probably most crowded mall in Jakarta, sipping a cup of hot toffee-nut latte, pause and think? What have it done to you? At the end of the day, what is it do you want in life? Peacefulness.

Sooner or later you die. That’s the ultimate peacefulness, but do you have to die to be peaceful? As I am thinking and wondering about my life. What keeps me in peace? I have a nearly four year old beautiful daughter, whom I rarely spent quality time with. Either I am too busy or too tired to deal with her. I dont want to be this busy as hell dad who hardly know his own daughter as she grows. Every single moment of her growth is precious. And I want to be there all the time. Watch her perform in her first ballet performance, watch her sing in her pre-school talent show, watch her walk in the catwalk, that was her first fashion show, I want to be the first person who took her to the zoo, to the sea world, the safari park, I want to be the person who show her the beauty of this world. Coz I am her dad. I want her to be proud of me because I love her so much, and that she knows that there is nothing that I wouldn’t do for her. I want to show her that I miss every single minute that I am away from her.

I closed my laptop, call my colleague, tell him to do the pitch, call my soon to be client, order another toffee-nut latte, damn it tastes so good. And go home. I miss my Aira.

(I wish Starbucks sell that Toffee-nut Latte all year long)

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