December 28, 2009

when you try to speak their language

(originally posted on facebook August 21, 2009)

~from Adam Levine's twitter, posted Aug 19th between 8.14 to 8.58

newsflash: the french HATE when we try & speak french. i just speak plain english. they may not understand me. but damn it they respect me.

spanish is entirely different. they LOVE that s**t. if you try and speak they will help you along enthusiastically

but the italians win. they LOVE when you try. they will bring out a friggin text book and school your a**!

dont misunderstand me i do love the french. its just not their thing. i get it. they are busy...being french. totally understandable.

if you really wanna see a french person cringe, dont say thank you. say, "mercy bucket". i love doing that. they go nuts.

germans will help you if you're trying to speak german. but they have the tendency to smile and/or laugh at you while youre doing it.

insult to injury...when you try and speak french, they interrupt you in english! that s**t BURNS!

and americans? how do we react to people trying to speak english? we just stand there stunned and ask if we can see their spaceship.

and let me close tonights rant by saying that all culture is amazing! and these differences are what makes the world FUN and interesting.

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